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09 Jan

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11 Dec

We had a great adventure and one of our highest performances in this class so far. We have been told not to divulge any secrets, how can we write this and not let a few out of the bag! You can see the results at http://ptsail.org/tbird/.
I have to thank my crew Matt Sinns, Gary Lanthrum(who treated us like royalty while hosting us) and Vince Townrow(Ullman sails, and nice work on new sails, oops a secret!). Gordy Fowlds normally is with us, but stepped out for Vince and Gary L. Thanks to CSR Marine for the best bottom paint job I have ever had, oops a secret!

We took awhile to warm up with the first two races with bad starts – remind me to start better at the beginning. Then after everyone discounted us, we fired up and boldly won the 3rd start and never gave up the lead – our first bullet! The last four boat lengths were very exciting – normally at a down wind finish Port and Stdb have no rights on each other, but the key is only in the three boat zone. We were Stbd and attacked Fandango (port) at four boat lengths away and she took my stern and finished along side and inches behind us!

Now a little background might help to understand Port Townsend bay. If you have ever taken your bike from Port Hudson directly to Fort Worden you will never forget the hill in the middle. This causes the wind off the straits to split into two parts funneling into the bay. This makes for two winds that compete for dominance. Normally the left side is favored. When the right is favored, you can see the “carpet” coming. Fourth race, the carpet is coming and after three races all the rest of the boats went for the left – tried and true. We waited to be the last boat to start, no sense in warning the rest – oops gave away a secret! Got to the first mark in front and again never let go. Number two bullet.

This next race was abandoned, but we managed to walk around the fleet and finish first – got to love light air!

The rest of the races are foggy in my mind, but the overall feeling is now we know we can win against these guys! Now they know this too and we have to realize our place now. It is very sweet!

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09 Nov

Fowl Weather Regatta Results

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27 Oct

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15 Oct

2016 Commodore’s Cup winners!

2016 Commodore's Cup Regatta Results

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